Viking River Cruises

On a Viking river cruise, you'll find Scandinavian designs, Nordic sensibility and the most river cruise ships on the waterways of Europe - by far.  Founded in 1997, one of Viking's defining features has always been providing guests with a good river cruise at a reasonable price. When the first of its new Viking Longships set sail in March of 2012, the company became a driving force for innovation within the industry, pioneering firsts like the indoor/outdoor Aquavit Terrace and the introduction of the first true suites on the waterways of Europe.

Viking doesn't feature gyms, or hot tubs, or bicycles aboard its ships for the simple reason that, as Viking puts it, all of Europe is a natural gym. In many of the towns and cities Viking stops in, walking tours are offered and bicycle rentals from private vendors are plentiful. Viking's big, bright ships are the company's defining feature, along with crews that are increasingly polished as some of the best and brightest stars. By 2015, Viking will have launched a total of 42 new ships in just three short years.

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