Seine River Cruises

The Seine rises in northeastern France near Dijon, flows through Paris, and continues westward to the English Channel. The Seine and its iconic bridges and riverside walkways throughout the "City of Lights" have inspired artists, writers, and musicians for centuries.

En-route to the coast, explore Monet's magnificent gardens at Giverny, with its colorful tapestry of flowers, shaded pathways, and enchanting lily-covered water garden. Tour the vibrant and historic city of Rouen, famous for its gothic cathedral and its tragic connection to Joan of Arc, burned at the stake here in 1431.

Your cruise meanders through Normandy's lush countryside, past contented cows and apple orchards and the ruins of monasteries and chateaux, one of the most memorable routes in all of France. The region gets its name from the Viking Norsemen who sailed up the Seine in the 9th century; memories of another invasion, the D- Day Landings of 1944, still linger here.

The gentle pace of your river cruise offers many opportunities to savor the country's famous wines and spirits. Tour the Calvados region to sample its celebrated apple brandy, or explore the picturesque port of Honfleur, with its narrow harbor and tall pastel-colored houses. Alternatively, visit the town of Fecamp, home to the famous Benedictine herbal liqueur first created by monks in the 19th century; its complex recipe of aromatics and spices remains a closely-guarded secret.

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