Rhone River Cruises

Rising in the Swiss Alps and traveling south to the Mediterranean, the mighty Rhone River links thousands of vineyards and wineries throughout southeastern France.

Along the Northern Rhone, wines are based on red Syrah or white Viognier grapes; the Southern Rhone's red, rose, and white wines are blends of many different grapes, including the acclaimed Chatauneuf-du-Pape. Your river cruise itinerary takes you on a wine-tasting excursion to the village of the same name, where you will sample the offerings of several Chatauneuf-producing wineries, each with its own cocktail of 13 permitted grape varieties.

Learn about wine production in the Beaujolais region, famous for its glorious countryside and delicious fruit-driven wine, and sample the many flavorful table wines known as Cotes du Rhone. Onward to the historic city of Lyon, dramatically situated at the junction of the turbulent Rhone and the tranquil Saone, and the undisputed capital of French gastronomy. Enjoy a Champagne tasting in Paris, then wander the city's bustling streets, lined with museums, Renaissance buildings, first-class restaurants, and chic designer shops.

To the south lies sun-drenched Provence, a delightful region famous for its warm breezes, mild climate, olive groves and rows of lavender. Generations of artists have been inspired by the light and brilliant colors here, and its rich soil produces some of the world's most popular wines. Visit Arles, where Vincent Van Gogh lived and painted in the late 1800s, and Avignon, one of France's most fascinating and beautiful cities, filled with shops, street performers, and historical attractions.

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