Moselle River Cruises

The Mosel is one of the most hauntingly beautiful river valleys on Earth. Forests and vines carpet steeply terraced hillsides, castles and church spires dot the landscape, and medieval wine hamlets line the riverbanks. Narrower and more peaceful than the Rhine gorge, the Mosel's countless bends and loops slow its pace and lend the region a special charm.

The Mosel River flows through France, Luxembourg and Germany, a region known for producing some of the finest white wines in the world. The steep, mineral-rich hillsides produce excellent Rieslings, considered by some top wine experts to be the best white wine grapes in the world.

All along the Mosel, vineyards tumble down steep slate slopes to quaint riverside villages. Famed for its warm climate and 2,OOO-year-old winemaking tradition, the many wineries of this area are concentrated along a 75-mile stretch of the river, allowing for multiple sips in a short amount of time. Most of these wineries are family-owned operations that produce small quantities of very high quality wines.

Among the most notable wine villages along the Mosel is Bernkastel, home to the famous Bergweiler Winery. Your river cruise itineraries also carry you to other renowned wine spots, such as the Dr. Naagler winery at Berg Rottland; the charming village of Cochem; Zell, a town famous for its "Zeller Schwarze Katz" (Black Cat) wine; and the Heronimi Winery, where you will enjoy an extensive wine tasting and a private tour of its historic cellars.

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