The Great Rivers of France

The great rivers of France

The Seine River

On this relaxing river cruise through Northern France, you will enjoy delicious cuisine, fine wine, and breathtaking art. Cruise the Seine River from Paris to charming towns and villages. Visit Monet’s home in Giverny, where you will see the Japanese bridge and water garden, with its pond still full lilies, which inspired Monet’s great works of art. One of the highlights of a cruise along the Seine is a visit to Normandy where the Allied forces landed during WWII’s D-Day Invasion and also see the site where Joan of Arc was martyred.

The Saône River

The Saône is a river in eastern France and a right tributary of the Rhône River in Lyon. The river rises in Monts Faucilles to Lyon and linked to other river systems by canals. Along the beautiful Saône, you’ll cruise through charming towns and picturesque, vineyard-covered hillsides in France’s famous Burgundy wine region. Your cruise will take you to Chalon-sur-Saône, in the heart of Burgundy, where you’ll visit the famous Hospices de Beaune, a charitable hospital founded by Chancellor of Beaune in 1443.

The Rhône River

One of the major rivers of Europe, the charming Rhône River stretches from Switzerland to France. The Rhône was an important trade route since the times of the Greeks and Romans. The scenic Rhône River Valley from Lyon to the north and Avignon to the south is an important wine growing region famous for its red wines. On a peaceful and relaxing cruise along the Rhône, you’ll visit many small town and villages not frequented by many tourists.