Danube River Cruises

Captured in art, literature, and Strauss's famous "Blue Danube" waltz, the Danube is one of the world's most romantic waterways. Extending for thousands of miles through Central Europe, the river flows eastward through Austria's fabled Wachau Valley, a wine region long revered for its natural beauty and enticing white wines.

Austria's vibrant wine scene has earned a reputation for quality and innovation, making it the perfect destination for wine lovers seeking new flavors and Old World culture and charm. Riesling is a specialty of this area, as is Gruner Veltliner, a high-spirited and fiery wine that makes a delicious accompaniment to the regional cuisine.

The storied Wachau Valley is a designated World Heritage site for its well-preserved landscape and abundant medieval abbeys and fortress ruins. Journey to Durnstein, a lovely Baroque-era town perched on a steep hill overlooking the Danube. Hike to the top to get a stunning view of the valley and inspect the remains of the castle where Richard the Lion-Hearted was imprisoned during the Crusades.

Your river cruise transports you back in time as you explore the 900-year-old Benedictine abbey in Melk and the medieval town of Krems. You will also experience an evening at a traditional Heuriger wine tavern in the villages of Grinzing and Neurstift, a casual and enjoyable place to appreciate local and regional wines of the current year, listen to music, and relax with friends.

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