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River Cruises Around the World - Floating Through Time

River Cruises - simply stated, there is no more convenient way to travel. Once you have unpacked your bags you are aboard your luxurious floating hotel for the duration of your river cruise. While you drift along through magical landscapes, you can almost see history unfold as castles and cathedrals appear one after another on either side of the river.

Unlike traditional ocean cruises where so much time is spent at sea and less time in port, on a river cruise you will have time to thoroughly explore the villages, historic sites, and scenery along a variety of great rivers. In Europe you have a choice of the Danube, Rhine, and Moselle as well as some of the smaller waterways of Holland, Belgium, Portugal and France. Or, if your tastes lean more toward an exotic river cruise, break away and discover the mysteries of China along the mighty Yangtze or the ancient wonders of Egypt’s Nile.
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